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A Liang Chan is a carbon-based lifeform who does illustration, comics, and concept art, and exists in “New York City.” They like stories that feel close to the kinds of emotions you experience when you’ve stayed up a little too late. Their current life goal is to befriend a flock of crows.

Previously they’ve worked for Google and Bungie. Their illustrations have been featured in a range of indie publishing projects including Death in the Mouth vol 1, World Ending Game, and Ryne TTRPG, and books from Levine Querido and Driftwood Press.

A’s comics include Interim (2020, ShortBox), which made The Beat and SOLRAD’s best comics of 2020 lists, and Far Distant (2023, Bulgilhan Press). They’ve also self-published several short comics & art books.


︎︎︎ andformyths@gmail.com

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